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CV Writing
‘Stand Out from the Crowd’

It doesn’t matter whether you are searching for your first job of your career, looking for a different and more rewarding job, or even returning to the workplace after time away. It can be quite a daunting experience, from submitting your CV to preparing for multiple interview’s, the whole process can seem quite challenging.

You can be going for a job that has 100-200 applicants applying for the same position, will your CV get noticed?

Did you know that Hiring Managers or Recruiters spend on average 30 seconds scanning CV’s Yes that’s right, A 30 SECOND Scan. Due to the volume of applications received, the majority of CV’s are scanned and not read. So how can you make sure your CV stands out? My goal is to help you get noticed from the very start of the process. Have a CV that stands out form the crowd and gets shortlisted for next stages.

Interview Coaching
‘Inspire You to be You’


Preparing for interviews can bring new challenges, from what type of interview you will be attending, through to what type of questions will you be asked. For some, interviews can be the most challenging part of the job searching process.


Did you know that 97% of candidates are hired based on their personality? Skills and experience are important, but you cannot teach attitude. My goal is to Inspire You to Be You. Be confident in your own ability and experience. I offer coaching to help you deliver your best throughout the interview process.


I offer individual packages tailored to meet your needs from CV writing through to Interview Coaching as well as interactive group workshops. I work with you to obtain a strong understanding of your skills and experience and highlight this in your CV and provide coaching to help you bring out your personality during interviews.