Liz Barallon

Emotional Health Coach and Author

I am a life coach, energy healer, and mum to three girls from sunny Queensland, Australia.

Having run a successful business in network marketing, I found a love for helping my team members realize their own goals and dreams through teaching them to face their fears and understand their own self-worth. I decided to pursue this passion further and went on to study life coaching, energy healing, and vibrational medicine and eventually, psychology.

Through combining these modalities in my business, Start Your Life Abundance, I was able to incorporate a holistic way to help my clients focus on the energetic output of their emotions in order to help them manifest their desired reality.

As a Life Coach, I give you the tools to control and elevate your emotions to fight inner stress and anxiety. This fight helps to start the physical and emotional healing process your body craves, and bring balance and harmony back to your life.

My Fundamental 5 step FASTR process helps you to not only achieve inner contentment but will also push you to strive to reach both personal and career goals. Most importantly, it will help you to achieve the success you have always desired.


As a Mum and work from home entrepreneur, my aim is to help you be the best version of you without compromising on the vitality of your precious children. If you can be emotionally healthy, then you can raise emotionally healthy little humans. In a culture where self-hate and emotional neglect are almost an ingrained norm, through learning The FASTR Process, your children will grow up with an advantage you never had….. The ability to process their emotions in a healthy way in order to function physically, mentally and energetically.


After the success of my course, I amped up the information with loads of scientific evidence, practical exercises, and gelled a whole mass of information together to create my book that was published in late 2019.

This amazing workbook is aimed at helping people to realise that the energy of their emotions is the most important thing they need to balance, in order to remain holistically healthy.

With lot’s of worksheets, coloured photos, tools and activities within the book, it isn’t just a boring old happiness book.

It is available here or most online bookstores.

Thank you Gift Cards


After creating an amazing vision board workshop for my clients, I started designing cards and quotes to choose to put onto the board to emphasise the focus of the goal. These cards became super popular and I have now designed a few different types that you will find for sale on this website.

I hope you love them as much as I do.