Vision Board Quote Cards


These Vision Board Quote cards are all beautifully designed for you to display or stick on your vision board to inspire you to meet goals.

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Are you searching for an Angel Voice to tell you how amazing you are? Do you have a friend that desperately needs to hear that Angel Voice but she doesn’t know it yet? Or a daughter that needs a bit of infused self-confidence to get her through the next 12 months of study?

I got you!

I have Angel kisses in the form of 30 Gorgeous Quotes all designed to bring a successful mindset to your day.

These cards will leave you feeling inspired, motivated and best of all Angel Kissed to be your best every day.
Place them onto your vision board or just pull one out daily. You can even gift them to a different person daily to bring a smile to their face.
30 quotes supplied provided twice so you can use particular favourite cards more than once. For example, the “I am” card can be used on two different occasions to describe two affirmations. eg. I am “worthy” and I am “passing¬†all of my exams!”


Unfortunately, or fortunately, I have had an unprecedented amount of sales and I have run out of the wooden stand. The price reflects this change. They are on order, with a possibility of my hubby stepping in to create some handmade loveliness (more angel kisses)  but in the meantime, any orders will not include the wooden stand pictured. But you may just receive a special something instead. Thank you for your understanding.

Some quote examples are:
*I am
*It’s not who you are that holds you back, It’s who you think you’re not
* I believe in myself
*I allow health, wealth, and happiness,
*Thankful grateful blessed
*Be Somebody that makes everybody feel like a somebody
*Feel it, envision it, manifest it
*I am meant for greatness
*To be inspired is great. To inspire is incredible
*No-one is you and that’s your power

Cards are 90mmx55mm each

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Weight 400 g
Dimensions 9 × 5.5 × 2 cm


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