The FASTR Process

The F.A.S.T.R. Process

  • Feel
  • Acknowledge
  • Start
  • Thank
  • Release

A Goal so big…. it seems impossible A moment so painful… seems unending A fear so terrifying….. it seems crippling A rage so strong… seems uncontrollable. Is this all there is to life? Is this as good as it gets? Why can’t I get over the pain?

Instead of reacting to life’s curveballs, wouldn’t you like to be the one in control? The F.A.S.T.R Process is the book that will help you regain power by explaining everything

This book will clearly explain how at the Source of all of life, lies your emotions in harnessing and dictating your reality. The very same emotions that you have been taught to ignore your whole life.

What if you could overcome the cultural belief of silencing emotions? What if you could figure out how your body was functionally designed to actually process emotions and release them from your body in a healthy way?

Stagnating emotional pain causes physical illness! You need to release that pain in a way that will let you move on…… I mean really move on happily.

Imagine the life you would be able to create with this new habit!

The ONLY Book that will show you how

  • To stop the self-doubt
  • To stop the pain
  • To stop the fear
  • To stop the rage

Only 5 steps to balance

FASTR: Feel, Acknowledge, Start, Thank, Release.

The FASTR Process is designed to help you master the art of guiding and elevating your emotions, to use balance and intention to achieve your goals and plan to succeed in a life that is no longer debilitating but where it is all suddenly possible.

Book Description

“This is a great instructional resource that helps people to understand the importance of their emotions for not only mental health but physical health as well. Without this understanding, humanity will forever be treating the symptom and not the cause.”

Red Feather Publishing

“The most comprehensive and easy to understand personal development book I’ve ever read!”

Kieran Simon

“It’s not just a book! There are so many gorgeous illustrations, graphs, and tools to actually help you understand and move forward”

Susan Ellis

Here is a sneak peek of
The F.A.S.T.R. Process

Chapter 1

Rock Bottom and I have been intimately acquainted many times over the past. Just as I’m sure you know Rock Bottom all too well. My story isn’t any more special or worse than yours. It’s simply my story. It’s my road I chose to travel, and it’s my journey in this wonderful thing we call life. Fifteen years ago, my most devastating rock bottom came to eat me up so much that I devastated many relationships, both friendship and romantic, and during the next tumultuous eight years, I transitioned through depression, sadness, betrayal, and hurt. I’m sure you can imagine that I was lower than low.

I blamed everyone. I blamed women, I blamed men, I blamed the internet, I blamed myself, I blamed my boyfriend, I blamed my family, I blamed my circumstances. I grieved, I cried, I fell silent, I hated, I retreated, I got angry, I was regretful, and I vowed I would get even.

A shattered heart is probably the worst thing you could ever go through emotionally—culminating in breaking you down to your lowest level. You become so numb you can’t think, and you can’t even.

trust what you are thinking. Your emotions jump all over the place, ranging from grief to relief, then back to sadness and pain, before finally cracking a little to let in a glimmer of hope. Then your emotions plummet again to start all over.

But mostly you feel broken. You are so broken that your very core dims; your heart sinks you into the ground, and you simply cannot fathom life any further. You have no choice but to go back to basics, and put one foot in front of the other to take each second as it comes.

For me, I literally felt my Higher Self take over. It felt like my mind had shut off and my body was on vital function only. I was surviving on little food and not much else. Just opening my eyes in the morning hurt. They were usually welded shut by my tears throughout the night. In that dark time of my life, my Spirit was the one that came in

and took over the operating system. I don’t even remember much, and it feels quite murky and foggy when I try to think back to it. All I remember was feeling completely shattered. Not only my heart but also my Whole Self (body, mind, and spirit) had separated, and I no longer felt connected or whole.

This is a story about reconnection with your Higher Self. It is a story about realizing the truth of life itself. It is a story about finding the light through the fog and seeing things as they really are. It is a story about all the things I have learned, studied, and developed over the last nine years. And it is about my five-step process to help you overcome fear, pain, confusion, guilt, anger, hate, judgment, and anything else holding you back from finding your true light, and becoming the person you are destined to become through realizing your true divine purpose.

Maybe, just like me, your rock bottom is your foundation to build your new home more “holistically.” Maybe, just like me, your rock bottom is telling you, “I don’t belong here anymore.” Here’s what I can tell you for sure. You can either sink, change, or grow, but I know that simply by the process of you choosing this book that now is your time to let the light in and start to shine again.

All your life you have been told things like: “Big boys don’t cry,” “Kids should be seen and not heard,” ”Suck it up,” “Toughen up,” “Get over it,” or “Build a bridge.” The unfortunate thing is that I could keep going with these sayings we have all heard since we were kids. Is it any wonder we are all emotionally inept? You have been taught since you were young to suppress your feelings, to hide your thoughts, and to keep your opinions to yourself. Who taught you the correct way to deal with your emotions? Don’t you just hide them away, pretend they aren’t happening, and feel guilty for even being sad?

And then someone asks you to be an adult! They ask you how you are feeling, why you are feeling it, and why can’t you stop feeling it. You know what I mean, right? Nobody taught you these things, but then you are expected to just know how to deal with it.

Your Fear to talk about your emotions has stemmed from a silenced upbringing, and I’m sure you all still feel the guilt of having any kind of negative feelings. Those pesky, weak emotions, right? Well, no more!

I’m going to turn your guilt for feeling sad, angry, fearful, or whatever negative emotion you have, on its head.

I’m about to teach you my pioneered five-step method to look at any emotional pain and take it from its negative vibrations to a more positive vibration very quickly.

And it’s all about the realization of the pain being there in the first place and then gaining the intent to heal completely.

“This book isn’t just any book. It’s the truth of life itself and the knowledge that happiness is just a quick journey up Liz’s emotional scale.

It’s knowing that the one thing that you need to be successful is not what you expect and Liz gives such a fresh and honest perspective of it that you will be left with many aha moments. And huge ones too. I cannot recommend The FASTR Process enough. It’s simply a must-read.

Better than The Secret!!”


“This book was a great synopsis of life. It takes you on a journey into the darkness of your soul in pain and then gives you the tools to climb out of that pain. I found this book to be inspiring and eye-opening. It made me step outside my comfort zone to look at our culture in a new way. To test the boundaries of the square that society shuts us into. It looks at everything in a fresh new light, that really get is you thinking at new levels. Perhaps oxygen really is the source! Or the substance that source needs to travel in.

I have read atomic habits, and this book fills in all the gaps left in that book. This really should be a book that everyone reads.

It isn’t just about emotional balance. It is about the importance of why you need emotional balance and why that is a game-changer in health and life in general.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.”

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