Gratitude & manifestation Journal

The Gratitude & Manifestation Journal

Gratitude journal

A Journal that will teach you the art of sprinkling magic unicorn dust all over your life.

Based on Liz Barallon’s highly successful book, The FASTR Process, this colourful journal gives you the tools to find your goals, word your affirmations and write your gratitude journal in the best way to wake up the brain processes needed to create the reality of your dreams.

This one of a kind notebook will take you step by step through:

  • Planning your goals
  • Finding your why
  • Affirmations done right
  • The magic of manifestation

Super colourful and informative, this journal is everything you need to get you motivated and keep you on task and focused on achieving your goal.

I will teach you the importance of the words you use, plus provide examples of how to write your affirmations. 

Numerous coaching tools are provided in the journal to focus you on your most important goals and teach you how to make those goals your reality. 

30 journal days to create a habit

This book teaches you the science and the theories behind visualisation techniques and why having a gratitude journal is the best way to cement your goals into reality. 

It then provides you with 30 days of gratitude journaling to create your new appreciation habit. 

This exact process has been thoroughly tested to be one of the best ways to clearly visualise and focus on your goals through correctly worded affirmations and gratitude journaling.